Articles of Incorporation of CAMEROON ROYAL COUNCIL


The Foundation's name is Cameroon Royal Council (CRC) (Hereinafter called "CAMROYAL"), registered office is to be situated in Maryland at 10304 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20903.

Helping Hands

To advance for philanthropic purposes the well-being of and safeguard the rights and education of needy communities in the world such places as funds allow, especially starting from Cameroon; addressing the needs of women, children, youth and adults, maintaining commitment at all times to integrity and honor of the individual with a view to empowerment and cultural preservation:-.

Meeting the Educational, Health, Social, Business and Civil aspirations of the incorporators and community through the institution of corporations, schools/Community College/Universities.

Addressing the educational needs and aspirations of Persons, Families, Groups, Community residents within or connected to the Foundation;

Building Capacity for allied organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations and Community Development Organizations.

Setting up and running mass media outlets like Radio, TV, Newspapers Magazine, Publication and communication outlets to dissect local issues and solutions for excellence in teaching and learning.

Setting up a social and business network that would encourage and fund Business start-ups and aid in Capacity Building for worthy causes like the elimination of social vices, diseases women and children empowerment, and the promotion of education through literacy training and sensitization and enterprise.

Establishing or running in concert with like-minded persons and/or organizations, foundations, philanthropies, scholarships, endowments and educational institutions especially as pertains to the poor, orphanages, to empower the youths and women (gender) issues and the development of persons and infrastructure of rural areas of....... .

"Royalty always and always royalty"

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Camroyals 2015 Successful Summit

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