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Cameroon Royal Council (CAMROYALS)



Cameroon Royal Council (CAMROYALS)

The Cameroon Royal Council (CamRoyals) is an apolitical organization with a vision to promote Cameroon’s culture in the Diaspora as well as contributing to philanthropic projects that can impact lives of people in Cameroon. This organization was founded by Chief Bajon Bihai III with the idea to unite all Royals in Cameroon, and enable all to leverage and bring forth development collectively to the respected Communities.

Cameroon Royal Council, (CamRoyals) was created as a 501 C (3) non-profit organization in Maryland, and was launched in 2011.

Our yearly hosting of the Cameroon Economic, investment and cultural forum at the Civic Building in Silver Spring, Maryland has been a success. Through these forums, Camroyals aims to successfully identify and attract sound investors, technical experts and/or suppliers for identified infrastructure, humanitarian, local and projects in Cameroon in a proficient and consistent manner. This goal will create job opportunities as well as contributing to the economic development in the local communities in Cameroon. Part of the forum is also to showcase and promote the richness and diversity of Cameroon’s culture, and to bring awareness about its value added diversities to our local communities at home and abroad, and the world at large.




The Mission of Cameroon Royal Council is focused on bringing all Royalty from the various regions of Cameroon under one umbrella in the USA to liaise with its people in fostering the advancement of its philanthropic objectives, while promoting, projecting and preserving its cultural diversity.   CamRoyals has been striving to solidify its course and promote greater public support, positioning and understanding of its goals and unique strengths and access.

CamRoyals has direct access to major lands and governance in Cameroon, as well as government officials, business owners and decision makers in Cameroon and USA. Thus, CamRoyals vision is to leverage its unique position to support economic development in Cameroon to benefit the communities, public and private sectors. CamRoyals also aims to provide the communities here in the USA with valuable information about local business opportunities, and the economic opportunities available in the private sector of the Republic of Cameroon.




i. We strive to showcase our culture and bring awareness about its value added diversities to our local communities at home and abroad, and the world at large.

ii. We seek to foster philanthropic goals that address the educational needs of the disadvantaged in our communities with particular focus on those in Cameroon. 

iii. Meeting the Health, Educational, Social, Business & Civil aspirations of the concerned communities through the institution of Corporations, Schools, Community Colleges and Universities.

iv. Building Capacity for community development and allied organizations.

v. Setting up and running mass media outlets like Radio, TV, Newspapers Magazine, Publication and communication outlets to dissect local issues and solutions for excellence in teaching and learning. 

vi. Setting up a social and business network that would encourage and fund Business start-ups and aid in Capacity Building for worthy causes like the elimination of social vices, ravaging diseases, empowerment amongst women and children, and the promotion of education through literacy training, sensitization and enterprise.

vii. Establishing or running in concert with like-minded persons and/or organizations, foundations, philanthropies, scholarships and endowments, especially as pertains to the underprivileged, orphanages, so as to empower the youths and women (gender) issues. This will also facilitate the development of persons and infrastructure of rural areas of emerging societies in Africa through training programs, partnerships with donors, NGOs, farmer organizations, private sector, and academic and research organizations.

viii. In peace time and for disaster Relief, acting as a clearing house, agent or representative for USAID, US Faith-based, IFAD, Community-based and other Non-Government organizations for gifts, donations and grants for the purposes of Monitoring and Evaluation to ensure transparency and accountability and best practices.